Spend the summer outdoors, not cleaning your home

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Want to spend more time enjoying yourself outdoors this summer, instead of cleaning the house for hours each week?

This is Goldstar Cleaning Services’ guide to keeping the dirt out of your house, so you can enjoy the summer.

1. Arm yourself with a spray gun
Make sure there is a hose with spray gun easily accessible in your yard, so that muddy furniture, bikes, toys, dogs (and children!) can be washed down easily before they get near the house.

2. Build your home’s defences against dirt
Most of the dirt in your home is brought in on the feet and shoes of your pets, family and visitors – make it easy for them to leave that dirt outside.

Keep a pile of old towels in your porch or mudroom so you can easily dry off pets before they go into the living areas.

Keep a laundry basket in the mudroom for muddy or wet sports clothes.

Change your doormat in spring and fall

Make sure your mudroom has plenty of space for shoe storage so there’s no excuse not to keep shoes stacked out of the way.

Keep a plastic tub or other container outside the front door for rubber gardening boots and mountain biking shoes that are too muddy to bring inside.

3. Get your barbecue set for spontaneous entertaining

Hose down patio furniture to remove loose dust and spider’s webs.

Clean soft furniture with tent and awning cleaner, which will clean off dirt without reducing water resistance. Use bathroom cream cleaner to get plastic furniture back to its original colour.

Keep a barbecue cleaning brush and barbecue tools close to the grill.

Buy a good-quality cover for your grill to reduce rain damage