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Cleaning physically removes dirt and germs from surfaces, while sanitizing reduces the number of germs on surfaces to a safe level, and disinfecting kills germs on surfaces or objects.

To prevent germs and bacteria from spreading within your workplace or home Goldstar Cleaning Services offers on demand and routine commercial and residential disinfection services, deep cleaning, and sanitizing utilising routine high touch point wipe down and electrostatic disinfection application methods.

Goldstar Cleaning can partner with you to create a safer and cleaner environment for you and your employees, customers, residents and guests. These services are ideal for businesses with high-traffic, residential apartment buildings, or who provide specialized services to sensitive populations such as hospitals and clinics.

Our electrostatic disinfecting service, in a partnership with Clorox, kills 99.9% of bacteria within 5 seconds. It is registered with Health Canada to kill 44 organisms, which include cold/flu viruses,  Norovirus,  MRSA,  Coronavirus,  and more within 2 minutes. There is no re-entry wait time required after disinfection is complete. 

Infection Prevention and Control

As the saying goes, the best medicine is prevention. Help avoid COVID-19 from spreading by having a one-time disinfecting service done while your employees are working remotely, or have it done on a regular schedule if customers are visiting your place of business and employees are necessary.

Electrostatic Cleaning Process - Flowchart

Your infection control and prevention plan, as well as your regular cleaning services, should include electrostatic disinfection services for the following:  

  • public transportation/bus/airport transportation cleaning services
  • work camp cleaning services
  • hotel cleaning services
  • dental and medical office cleaning services
  • gym and recreation center cleaning services
  • manufacturing and industrial cleaning services
  • retail and office cleaning services
  • strata complex and condo cleaning services
  • childcare cleaning services
  • assisted living and seniors care cleaning services
  • healthcare cleaning services

Understand the difference between sanitizing, disinfecting, and cleaning

Cleaning removes impurities, dirt, and germs from objects and surfaces. Water and soap (or detergent) are used to physically remove germs off of surfaces. Germs are not necessarily killed by this process but removing them does lower the numbers as well as the risk of infections being spread.

Disinfecting kills germs that are on objects or surfaces. Disinfecting uses chemicals to kill germs that are on objects or surfaces. the process doesn’t necessarily remove germs or clean dirty surfaces but killing germs that are on a surface after it has been cleaned can lower the risk further of infections spreading.

Sanitizing reduces how many germs are on objects or surfaces down to a safe level, according to public health requirements or standards. The process works by either disinfecting or cleaning objects or surfaces to reduce the risk of infections spreading.

What is Electrostatic Disinfection and How Does the Process Work?

This is a method for using a disinfecting solution to evenly and quickly coat a surface. An electrostatic applicator is used that provides the disinfecting solution with a negative charge that is inside the nozzle. These charged molecules repel one another, which means they will be at even distances from one another but are attracted to whatever surface they get applied to. These charged particles have a greater charge strength than gravity to allow them to target a chosen surface quickly which allows the room to be re-entered almost immediately.

There is detailed science behind this, but in basic terms, the way that electrostatic disinfecting works are by providing a solution with a charge, so it sticks electromagnetically to a targeted surface and provides 360-degree coverage.

Most surfaces are neutral. Therefore, when an electrostatic disinfecting system, such as the Clorox® Total 360®, provides a solution with a negative charge, the solution will attract to a surface and have a different polarity. From a more technical standpoint, it is an example of Coulomb’s Law. This is also the way that the automobile industry has for decades been accurately and evenly spreading spray paint on vehicles.

Why Is Electrostatic Disinfecting So Highly Effective?

It is possible for harmful pathogens to live for days on surfaces and can double potentially even 20 minutes with the right ambient temperature and food source. That offers plenty of opportunities to create cross-contamination situations. Conventional disinfecting and cleaning do a good job at managing microbiological loads on some common touch-points. However, modern pathogens have such evolutionary flexibility that new strategies are needed for managing microbial load ad cross-contamination in many different types of facilities beyond acute care facilities. Electrostatic disinfecting offers a broad-spectrum method for disinfecting entire rooms and complete surfaces that have never been seen in the past.

Where do we operate?

We operate all throughout the East Kootenays. Our disinfection services Fernie, Cranbrook, Sparwood, Golden, Revelstoke, Creston and Nelson.