Are you ready to shine?

We are always looking for people to join our amazing team! There is so much more to life than work, and you want a job and a company that will support that, Right?

We like to work hard, play hard and have as much fun as we can! If you’re ready for an amazing job opportunity then keep reading to find out more!


This could be you!

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Values you live by

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Shoot for the Stars

You shine brightly with a passion for life and work. You bring energy, creativity and a positive attitude to each challenge or opportunity and you empower others to make decisions and take action.

Make it Better

You demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement by being proactive and solution orientated, taking initiative to bring about positive results and caring about the outcome.

Consider Others

You serve and support by acknowledging and being accountable for the impact of your actions, words and performance in the lives around you.

Take Responsibility

You strive to build trust through your pledge to reliability, consistency, integrity, professionalism and clear communication.

Keep Learning

You pursue growth and development in your individual and professional life. You learn from others and from your failures and successes.

How we’ll take care of you

Perhaps you value spending time with friends and family, or having the flexibility and funds to do something for yourself or someone that depends on you, Goldstar will support you in what’s most important to you.

You want the means to accomplish your goals and live life to the fullest, which is why we’re committed to offering you competitive wages within the cleaning field, a safe and happy work environment, and a quarterly recognition program that really lets you shine!

When you tell us what matters to you, we’ll show you just how much that matters to us by basing our recognition efforts on what you most care about.

Joining the team

– You feel in the zone working independently and unsupervised, but you can also be a team player when working with others.

– You are capable of using a cellphone and texting in English.

– Working under time constraints doesn’t bother you and you’ll never sacrifice attention to detail.

– You care about what you do and you’re able to take responsibility for your work.

– You value instruction, procedures, and processes and you can confidently put them into practise.

– If you need to develop new skills, you’re willing and able to be taught and to improve.

– You love being part of a modern workplace that supports the needs of everyone involved.

Apply now and don’t miss the opportunity to join our team!

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