Tips for cleaning your campsite as you go

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Follow Goldstar Cleaning Services’ tips on  cleaning your campsite, so you can relax and enjoy your weekend at the lakes  or in the backcountry around Cranbrook, Fernie and Sparwood and throughout the East Kootenays !

1. Pack it in – pack it out

Take two garbage bins and bin liners and set it up near the food prep area for garbage and recycling – you will find cleaning your campsite a lot easier when you are collecting garbage as you go along.

REMEMBER – unsecured garbage attracts bears and other wildlife to your campsite. Take all your garbage to a bear-proof bin every evening, use a bearproof canister, or follow these instructions on how to put it out of a bear’s reach in a tree.

Bears have been known to pull doors off car doors to get to garbage stored inside.

2. Pack a lidded plastic crate with household cleaning supplies.

When you’re pouring wastewater directly into the environment, it’s even more important to use biodegradable cleaning products.

Cleaning products checklist

  • Broom, dust pan and brush
  • Green, biodegradable dish soap, tea towels, washing up brush and a sponge.
  • Biodegradable hand soap and hand towels
  • Wet wipes (for cleaning the body and for cleaning surfaces) and hand sanitizer
  • Barbecue cleaning brush and utensils.
  • A 5 gallon jug with a tap and a dish tub – set up the jug on the edge of the picnic table, and the tub on the bench underneath the spigot, for an instant kitchen sink, perfect for cleaning dishes or muddy hands!

3. Save time by cleaning the campsite before you unpack

As soon as you arrive, brush away any loose stones, sticks or leaves from your campsite area, wipe down the picnic table, clear away any garbage from the fire pit and clean the grill.

Set down an old tarp under your tent before you set it up, and put a newer tarp inside your tent. Not only will this make it more cushioned to sleep on, but it will be a lot easier when it comes to cleaning the tent at the end of your trip.

4. Keep the dirt out of your tent or camper to make cleaning easier

Keep a lidded plastic crate and a mat next to the entrance of your tent or camper – set a strict ‘no shoes inside’ rule.

Remember to put the lid on the crate if it looks like rain, and every time you leave the campsite in case it rains while you’re out!

5. Don’t leave the washing up until morning

Cleaning your pans and dishes will be a lot easier if you do them immediately after eating.

Half-fill the pans with water and put them on the heat while you are eating, to get warm dish-washing water and loosen any food residue.

Use this hot water to clean your plates and cutlery, then rinse with cold water.

Plan your meals so you use as few pans as possible during your trip, and you will spend less time cooking and cleaning.


Bonus Point: Goldstar Cleaning Services can deep-clean your Fernie, Sparwood or Cranbrook home while you are away, so you come back to a fresh, clean house!

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