How to Get Your Rental Damage Deposit Back

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Goldstar Cleaning Services is regularly called into private rental homes by landlords or tenants – these are our tips for how you can save yourself a cleaning fee, get your damage deposit back and ensure your rental is ready for the next tenants.

Start preparing from day one

• If you can keep the house clean throughout your tenancy, it will save you a lot of hassle when you decide to leave. Draw up a schedule with your roommates and make sure all the high-traffic areas are cleaned weekly.

• Take photos of every room before you move in, and arrange for a walk-through with your landlord. Make a note of any existing damage so you don’t get blamed for it.

• Take steps to prevent mess – put mats down in the entranceway and create storage for outdoor shoes. Put tin foil in the bottom of the oven and use foil stove element guards. Use stacks of plastic crates to separate recycling as you create it, and remember to put the garbage out every week for collection.

When you leave – don’t forget these cleaning tasks

• Clean inside the cupboards and drawers – especially in the kitchen and bathrooms

• Check the walls, baseboards and doors in high traffic areas for fingerprints, scuffs and stains and wipe them down. Don’t forget the staircase!

• We’re always amazed how many people forget to clean the inside of the fridge!

• Clean inside the microwave. If it is caked with food, put a wet cloth or a mug of water inside and microwave it for 15 seconds – it will soften up and make it easier to wipe down.

• Remove all your belongings, garbage, leftover food and recycling – if you don’t want it, your landlord definitely doesn’t want it.

• Mountain towns often have very hard water so unless you have wiped down the shower stall and bath tiles after every use, there will be a build up of limescale in the bathroom. Use CLR cleaner to remove it.

If all else fails – get in the professionals

Goldstar Cleaning Services offers move out cleaning services to tenants and landlords – our experienced cleaning team will deep-clean every inch of your property.