How to choose a cleaner?

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Before hiring a cleaner, consider these questions to make sure you get the right service for your needs.

• What is your realistic budget for cleaning?
What are your expectations from a cleaning service? Ask them if they will draw up a cleaning checklist for your property so that everyone knows what the expectations
are of the cleaner. Remember that weekly or biweekly, smaller cleans are more effective than a big monthly clean.

• Do they carry out a realistic assessment of your requirements?
A professional cleaning company like Goldstar Cleaning Services will always carry out an on site consultation before giving a quote for services, to find out exactly what your expectations are and to give a realistic idea of how long it will take, how many people will be needed and how much it will cost.

• Do they have Worksafe BC coverage?
When you hire someone to work in your home, even casually, you are considered a residential employer and could be liable to pay compensation costs and unpaid premiums if they injure themselves on your property. Established companies like Goldstar Cleaning Services ensure all employees have Worksafe BC coverage, but small operations may not have considered this. Find out more at Worksafe BC.

• Are they bonded and insured?
Do they have liability insurance to cover the cost of anything that may be damaged or stolen in your home or workplace?

• How many people will clean your property at a time? Will it be the same team each time? What will happen if one of them is sick or on vacation – will the company organize another person to complete the service?

• How much experience does the company and its employees have? If you have valuable furniture or equipment and unusual materials that will need to be cleaned, do they have experience and training on the best cleaning techniques?

• Always ask for references and follow up on them

• Do they supply all the equipment and cleaning products they will use? Is it important to you for them to use green products? Do you have allergies that they need to factor in?

• What is their cancellation policy?

• Do they have a quality assurance policy? How do you pay them? If you are not happy with the service they provide, can you speak directly to a supervisor?