Get your house viewing-ready in 30 minutes

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Your realtor calls – someone wants to look round – in 30 minutes!

Follow Goldstar Cleaning Services’ guide to making your home viewing-ready in just half an hour.

Preparation is key
When your house is on the market, we recommend you create a cleaning kit on each floor, in the kitchen and in each bathroom containing an all purpose spray, microfibre cloths.

Buy a small handheld vacuum (Dyson makes a great one) and keep it in a kitchen cupboard where you can access it easily.

Tell everyone in the household to make their bed EVERY morning

Keep a clean set of hand towels and bath mats for each bathroom, and a towel for the kitchen.

Put an empty basket in every room – if you don’t have space for it on a shelf or in a cupboard, consider buying one with a lid that can sit in the corner.

If you have a pet that sheds hair, put throws on any couches or chairs that they use and buy a lint roller.

30 minute countdown

Step 1: Make your kitchen sparkle!

30:00 Load dishes into the dishwasher. Stack them double if necessary – just get the counters clear! (3 minutes)

27:00 Wipe down the counters and sink, then use a dry cloth to make the sink shine (2 mins)

25:00 Remove all dirty cloths and handtowels and replace the towel with the clean, dry one. (1 minute)

24:00 Wipe down stainless steel appliances (3 minutes)

21:00 Does your garbage smell? Take the bag outside and REMEMBER to take it with you when you leave the house. (1 minute)

Step 2: Beautify the bathroom!

20:00 Hide all the bottles and toothbrushes in the storage basket that you put in the bathroom ahead of time (2 minutes)

18:00 Use your microfibre cloth and cleaning spray to shine all bathroom fixtures. (3 minutes)

15:00 Close the lid on the toilet (30 seconds)

14:30 Remove all dirty towels and bath mats and replace with the clean, dry ones (2 minutes)

Step 3: Hide clutter and wipe away dust!

12:30 Go from room to room and clear any clutter into the storage basket for that room, then store it out of sight. (2 minutes)

10:30 Open the curtains in every room (2 minutes)

08:30 Quickly spray and wipe down coffee tables, tables or shelves. (2 minutes)

06:30 Move dog beds out of the house and take the throws off the couches and chairs, then use the lint roller to remove any remaining fur. (2 minutes)

04:30 Everyone should have made their beds this morning, so you just need to plump the pillows and tighten the corners. (2 minutes)

02:30 Use the portable vacuum on spot areas – don’t worry about vacuuming the whole house. (2 minutes)

00:30 Grab the garbage from by the front door, and find somewhere to relax while your realtor sells your house!

Or – get in the professionals

Goldstar Cleaning Services can do weekly homeseller cleans to make sure that when your realtor calls, your house is already fit for viewing. Call 250-423-4029 or email us for a consultation visit and quote.