Before and After: Goldstar’s Extreme Cleaning Makeover

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George Toressani (center) and the Goldstar Team celebrate a job well done!

Earlier this month, Goldstar Cleaning announced the winner of its Extreme Makeover: Cleaning Edition contest.

To recap: George Toressani and his wife, Rochelle Simmons, have been living apart since last summer after their eldest daughter Brooke, 17, relocated to Vancouver to undergo treatment for lung cancer.

Goldstar staff hard at work!

While Rochelle and Brooke have been living at the Ronald McDonald’s House in between treatments at the B.C. Children’s Hospital, George has had to stay behind in Fernie to work and take care of their high school-aged son Wesley.

Fortunately, Rochelle and Brooke are returning home for the holidays later this week. Goldstar made sure their house was ready for them, sending a team of nine professional cleaners to give George and Rochelle’s home an extreme makeover.

“One of the reasons we felt good about choosing this particular family is because they had been separated for so long,” explains Jill Barclay, owner of Goldstar Cleaning Services. “This way, they’ll have this time to spend together rather than worry about tedious chores.”

With their trademark attention to attention to detail, the Goldstar team left no spot untouched, judging from the before-and-after photos (see below).

Goldstar staff hard at work!

“We had set ourselves a goal of completing the whole house in two hours,” Barclay says. “If fact, we went slightly over that, but we ended up cleaning the exterior windows and steam cleaning the floors.”

In fact, it took just over three hours to finish the job, which included everything from scrubbing walls and dusting furniture to doing laundry for the home-alone bachelors.

A simple gesture like cleaning can help bring a sense of normalcy to family members whose lives have been affected by cancer. That’s why Goldstar is a supporter of Cleaning for a Reason, a charity that provides professional free cleaning services to women affected by cancer.

Thanks to everyone who entered the Extreme Makeover: Cleaning Edition contest. Stay tuned for more exciting promotions from Goldstar Cleaning Services!

Before-and-after shots of George and Rochelle’s House

Wesley's bedroom - before


Wesley's bedroom - after


Brooke's bedroom - before


Brooke's bedroom - after


Bathroom - before


Bathroom - after.